Friday, 4 March 2011

In bed with Oggy II

Back from trip to Holland, Jeroen has been alone with Oggy for a week and they have developed a deep and steady relationship. Oggy is now permitted everywhere in the house, as well as 'outside' and he only wants to be on Jeroen's lap!! But now I'm the one feeding him again, and since he is a man I'm pretty confident that I'll be favourite soon...
It's an established fact in our house, that whenever you try to make a picture or movie of Oggy doing something funny, he immediately stops - and resumes after you have put away the camera! In other words, he has made the craziest somersaults, pulling blankets from chairs, chasing everything that moves - but I have no record... Luckily he sleeps too - and since two days, his favo spot is on our bed!

Needless to say that everything is absolutely fine and that we love him and enjoy his company enormously!!

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