Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Slowly getting used...

Oggy knows us now, he begins to get used to our sounds, footsteps, habits, he knows the house, hates the sound of the vacuum cleaner and loves his catnip mice... We have seen him jump more than a meter high, he is our first cat to actually like meat and fish, he tries to steal it from our plates and  truly, we really enjoy having a "real" cat! (not that he gets anything)(well - he does, but only on his own plate) And every evening he is on our laps! this picture I took just one minute ago -

Our other cat is not so fond of him but it looks like she is beginning to understand that Oggy isn't going away, so that's a start!
I will be in Holland for a couple of days and Jeroen 'the cat whisperer' is going to work with them. There won't be a post about the developments until Tuesday!

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