Thursday, 17 February 2011

In bed with Oggy

Oggy and I are getting along fine! When I am home he can go wherever he likes in the house, when I'm out he stays in the TV room with the door closed (I'm still afraid he will escape through the cat flap). He doesn't mind, he likes the place - it has extra food and water, the litter tray, playthings and several nice places to sleep and rest and sharpen his nails. But the very very best spot in our whole house is the bed (see video) I guess he liked Swann's bed too, he definitely recognises the lay out!
When he strolls through the house Proet (our other cat) finds a high-up place and keeps an incensed eye on him until she can't take anymore - and she goes outside to enjoy feeling offended. As it rains today she doesn't stay out too long, and it all starts again... But I have high hopes for the future because they are both quite relaxed - for cats...

Coyote Ugly
Almost too beautiful...

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