Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Oggy on tour

Oggy is the sweetest cat in the world - but does he have a loud voice!!! Today I left the door open and spent loads of quality time with him throughout the house... I didn't take many pictures, but I can tell you that he is very brave, and curious... And he understands the catflap! Luckily it rained so hard that he didn't really want to escape...

Oggy meowing in front of the catflap...

Oggy eating in the kitchen

Tonight he and Proetje (our other cat who has never seen another cat since she was a baby) really met for the first time (there has been a door between them up to now) and it wasn't so bad actually. They kept their calm, bit of hissing and growling, but nothing to worry about... they are still sitting in front of each other but I have high hopes that they will soon get along!!

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