Sunday, 20 February 2011

Oggy's first week

He's here for a week now - and we love him so much... He behaves perfectly - apart from when there's meat! Yesterday there was meat on the table and he just can't help himself, he gets obsessed and wants wants wants - which is new to us because all of our cats, including Proetje, never have been interested in fish or meat - they do like their dry food, but are mostly vegetarians, stealing a bit of yoghurt, mayonaise and butter. Up to now we could always leave the salmon or the shrimps or the steak on the table, but no longer! This is a very funny and authentic cat-experience for us!! No pictures or movies of that of course, the camera is only there when nothing happens, like here:

I have many of these :)

Proet and Oggy avoid each other and for the time being we keep it that way - it is good for Og I guess that he gets to really know and trust us before he encounters 'the other cat'... He has a great new place to sleep, on top of a big stack of cushions in the sunny laundry room...

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