Saturday, 19 February 2011

Run Oggy Run

Oggy on Jeroen's lap

Two steps forward, one step back! We had quite a scare last night: just after I finished the post about how well Oggy and I get along, Jeroen came home, my mum called and we just didn't watch him for a couple of minutes. He was already freely walking through the house, and when we started looking for him, he was nowhere to find: he escaped through the catflap!! and disappeared completely. Luckily he cannot leave the premises, but the garden is 4 hectares and mostly forest. To make a long story short, we kept searching until 2.30AM, then we gave up. In the meantime, Proet on the other hand, patrolled to make sure the intruder wouldn't come back... When she fell asleep that morning around 7AM, Jeroen hurried into the forest for the second search... and found Oggy quite far away!! He was cold and scared and as far as we can see, very happy to be home again. So were we, and VERY relieved too... Oggy has not left our laps since this morning, we keep him in the TV room tonight and will give him more freedom gradually!

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